Movie Review Score Guide


Hello everyone! Welcome to the movie review section of my personal space!

In movie reviews, I will write a detailed analysis of my thoughts on a film, letting you know what I think and what to expect from the piece. After writing those thoughts, you will find a number summarizing those thoughts as best as I think can be numerically done. If you choose to, you are welcome to ignore this number, as you can hold your own opinion and, as long as you’re in my personal space, the writing before it will typically be more important.

Something that has always bothered me about the way most outlets review movies (and media in general) is how they typically rest the majority of their scores in the higher range of 7 to 10, leaving lower numbers only to the worst of the worst. Such is not the case on Personal Space with Liam; I will try my hardest to run the full gambit of numbers, 0 to 10, with every number meaning something distinctly different and holding its own value. I won’t be using decimals or fractions, as the numbers are meant to summarize my writing on the film, not create more wiggle room or confusion.

Anyways, onto what the scores actually mean! (Two examples of each rating are included in parenthesis after the explanation of the score)

10 (Perfect) – A 10 measures out to be practically perfect in every way, the ultimate example of whatever type of film it is trying to be. Granted, nothing in life is utterly flawless, but a 10 will come as close to ideal as it is possible to get. This score isn’t given lightly, as it generally serves as the pinnacle of its kind and, while another movie may eventually best it, it serves as the medium’s contemporary zenith. (Monsters Inc., Mad Max: Fury Road)

9 (Amazing) – A 9 is damn near perfect, exemplifying excellence in almost every area and providing a fantastic viewing experience throughout. If you think anything I’ve given a 9 deserves a 10, you’re well within your right. While there may be a few problems, they are mostly negligible, and could be as simple as not doing enough of a great thing, or having just a few aspects that would bother nobody but me. While not the best of the best, this film is an exemplary member of its genre and does almost everything right in a significantly marvelous way. (Swiss Army Man, Ex Machina)

8 (Great) – An 8 represents the beginning of the upper epsilon of films. While almost undeniably imperfect, it is hindered by nothing egregious, suffering only a few superficial blemishes, and will provide an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience for the majority of people. (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, The Dark Knight)

7 (Good) – A 7 is not perfect, and shouldn’t be argued to be so. Rather, it offers a fun, enjoyable experience that, welcomed by most and loved by many, should be appreciated, despite being imperfect and not quite polished to the degree of a higher score. (Green Room, Fargo)

6 (Solid) – A 6 is far from bad, but a definite step down from great. These easily acceptable movies put in the hours and provide a largely inoffensive viewing experience that most people will enjoy at least most of the time. (Captain America: Civil War, No Country for Old Men)

5 (Mediocre) – A 5 exists to provide the scale with a neutral point. Neither fully good nor fully bad, this middle of the road point does very little to stand out and, while it won’t ruin your day, it won’t do anything to make it remarkably better. It serves, overall, as the very definition of OK. (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Invictus)

4 (Decent) – A 4 is the beginning of the below average films. Overall an inferior experience, it does little to offend or disgust, and tends to stagnate just below passable, supported by a few scenes or moments of genuinely impressive or enjoyable feats but weighed down by a notable amount of issues. (Man of Steel, Alvin and the Chipmunks)

3 (Poor) – A 3 is a significantly not good movie. While at some points it may have some potential, overall bad acting, editing, pacing, design, effects, or any number of other flaws, or combinations thereof, assure that, while occasionally managing to be interesting, it rarely proves to be anything more than the best of the worst. (Split, Grown Ups)

2 (Bad) – A 2 represents a straight up bad film. While the truly desperate may be able to salvage some semblance of enjoyment, this overall disaster gives its viewers a largely miserable experience plagued by generally abhorrent performances and production. (Wonder Woman, Flawless)

1 (Atrocious) – A 1 is more than just a bad movie. It is offensive in its awfulness. Almost unwatchable and painful to sit through the full run time of, it is an example of sheer dreck that insults the senses and the sensibilities of the viewer. Perhaps somebody on the production team put in their due diligence, but any signs of integrity or respect for the craft of film making are lost to the otherwise indefensibly and undeniably vile piece. (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Neon Demon)

0 (Suicide Squad) – At 0, any meager potential for a good time has been lost to the rage inducing, near-indefinable mess oozed out by whatever scum would deem it acceptable to tarnish the very medium of film with such morally bankrupt, irredeemable trash. (Suicide Squad, Romeo + Juliet (1996))

So, that’s how scores work! Thanks for taking the time to read and understand, folks, and I hope you stick around my personal space for a while and enjoy your day!


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