Liam’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Disclaimer: Look, my favorites change all the time, so don’t throw this in my face, it’s just whatever I was feeling at the time. It probably changed the next time I played a video game. But, generally, these are probably my favorites. I don’t know. A big factor in the rankings was how much time I spent playing a game. Many of the honorable mentions … Continue reading Liam’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games

How I Play Video Games in 2018 (or A History of Liam and Video Games)

I’m a busy person. Aside from all of the frivolous hobbies promoted on my blog… movies, comics, acting, etc. …I am a full time student, I work about 25 hours every week, I stay in shape, and I try to maintain a healthy social life. With all of this going on, it’s hard to have any time – or energy – to sit down and … Continue reading How I Play Video Games in 2018 (or A History of Liam and Video Games)

“What to Read” Guide

The world of comics is a chore to keep up with. Despite being a medium capable of telling groundbreaking and unique stories, containing lauded works like Maus, Watchmen, and Y: The Last Man, decades of conflicting continuity, an obscene amount of competing creators, and a rush to catch up with their cinematic counterparts has left many a house-of-ideas feeling a bit run down as of late. The House of … Continue reading “What to Read” Guide

“All Chewed Out” Gum Review Guide

Welcome to All Chewed Out! In the “All Chewed Out” section of my personal space, my mission is to examine, criticize, praise, and otherwise “chew out” the world of gum to let you know what’s worth chewing! As an avid gum chewer, I’ve often found myself wishing I’d had a heads up before biting down on something entirely unsavory – or a helpful guide pointing … Continue reading “All Chewed Out” Gum Review Guide